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Central Alberta’s heart centre for children’s grief and loss support in the company of animals

“I am Ley-Anne Mountain, a grief educator and holistic wellness professional based in Central Alberta. Animal-assisted activities are at the heart of my work. I’ve brought hands-on animal experiences to children and teens in the Chinook’s Edge School Division for over a decade. I’ve recently opened the gates to our family farm in Innisfail, where I host an animal-assisted grief support program for kids and families. This program provides children and teens the tools to navigate through grief and difficult life changes, assisted by my Equine and Bunny Team. “

– Ley-Anne Mountain

Two years into the pandemic, we are all living with more pressure and grief than ever before. Children and teens experience change, endings, grief and loss in life, just as adults do.  

Our grief-phobic culture can leave children and teens lacking in the tools for managing these big emotions.

This 8-week custom program is designed to help children and teens build life skills for managing grief, providing holistic wellness strategies for processing the often complex and intense emotions that kids can experience.  

Guided by Ley-Anne Mountain, the kids will do a deep dive into an exploration of change and grief using animal-assisted activities

Eight weekly 90 minute sessions are facilitated at the Naturally Nurtured Farm 20km outside of Innisfail. The 8-week program cost is $1200 per family for the rabbit program or $1500 per family for the horse program. Please be in touch to connect further on how this program can help support the kids in your life. 

Here are some examples grief triggers in kids’ lives:

Change + Endings

The ever-evolving impact of Covid-19 on their daily life, divorce in their family, moving communities, growing up, changing schools, transitioning from elementary to high school to post secondary, coming out, gender transition, and more

Grief + Loss

Death of a peer / friend / family member / public personality / pet, break ups, friendships ending, bullying, failures, let downs in life, difficult relationship with their parents, loss of innocence, and more

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding and normalizing grief
  • Understanding what grief looks like, both physically and emotionally
  • Developing skills/tools for self care
  • Learning how to channel their grief and grief support (e.g. through art)
  • Building their support team
  • Learning how to create personal celebrations of remembrance or transition

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  • Over 16 years experience as a licensed bodyworker with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association
  • Certified AFLCA Group Leader
  • Animal Health Technology Diploma from Lakeland College
  • Upledger Institute’s BADA (BioAquatics – Advanced Craniosacral Therapy and Dolphin Exploration)
  • Certified Reflexologist
  • Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator with Equine Connection
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Victim Services Advocate
  • End Of Life Doula
  • Volunteer with Olds and District Hospice
  • Children’s Grief and Bereavement Certificate