About Naturally Nurtured

Naturally Nurtured blends the unconditional love & therapeutic presence of our animals with the gentleness of CranioSacral Therapy and Reflexology helping children connect with their body’s natural healing ability for over 14 years.

Ley-Anne Mountain is a holistic wellness professional and grief educator. For nearly over a decade, Ley-Anne has worked with elementary-aged students at many elementary schools within the Chinook’s Edge School Division. Ley-Anne recently launched a grief and loss course, engaging with teens at Innisfail High School. 

Animal-assisted learning activities are at the heart of Ley-Anne’s work. She has developed  animal-assisted grief support programs for families, which are hosted at her farm in Innisfail.  She has taken extensive training in animal health technology and animal-assisted therapy. 

Ley-Anne is a registered natural health care practitioner and facilitates a variety of self care techniques. She is well-versed in grief support skills, through her Douglas College End of Life Doula program training. Ley-Anne is a Victim Services Advocate and a volunteer with the Olds & District Hospice Society. In January 2022, she completed Grief and Bereavement Support group facilitator training from Olds and District Hospice Society.

“Helping children connect with their body’s natural healing ability, which allows them to have conversations with their whole body. From their head to heart, down to the tips of their toes. Both Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology gently facilitate the body’s natural healing ability.
One of the ways we work with kids is with bunnies and horses and how they naturally listen to and follow their instincts for staying physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and safe. We also play with imagination, stories, crafts and of course, Mother Nature herself.
As children learn to feel, hear and honor what their own body says, they are able to take the lead of their own health, healing and wellbeing.
Animals and Nature are our spectacular teachers!”

– Ley-Anne Mountain

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What is Naturally Nurtured?

What others say about Naturally Nurtured…

“Students loved the idea of “live” animals in the classroom. I loved the experience for my class because it provided an element to the student learning that was different and reflective for students.”

JWESGrade 4 Teacher

“It helped the children develop empathy-concern and care for others. It gave them someone to identify with who was non-threatening and accepting. They were able to see how their attitude and mood affected others through Einstein the rabbits reactions to them.”

JWESGrade 4 TeacherMedia Wiki

” The kids used lots of the relaxation and stress management tools.  The concept of respecting each other was really reinforced.  I love how Ley-Anne tied one week’s lesson to the subsequent ones. Super thoroughly enjoyed by teacher and students.”

C.J.Grade Four Teacher

“It’s good for the kids to see the physical changes in the animals based on the “mood” of the class.”

J.LGrade Four Teacher

“Students learned ways to relax and tools to use to help THEMSELVES when they need it.  It also gave them a chance to reflect on their feelings- GOOD and BAD”.

K.GGrade Four Teacher

“My daughter has had the privilege to attend many classes offered by Naturally Nurtured. Ley-Anne brings so much calm, knowledge and empowerment with her. She encourages the kids to find their inner strength and use it to make positive choices. My daughter uses the tools and techniques that Ley-Anne has given her and she is a much more confident person. Not only in confidence but, caring and compassion. The programs that are offered are in some ways life changing. It is really difficult to describe these programs as there is so much heart, soul and emotion that not only goes into them, but also what you get out. A huge thank you to Naturally Nurtured and Ley-Anne for all that you do for us and our kids”.


“Mrs. M, you were supportive and considerate.  I feel like I understand grief better and can be there for others.”


“There were difficult emotions, especially on some days. This class made a difference for me, although it may not have always been easy.  It was nice to be around a safe place without being pressured to share out loud all the time.”


“I found this course very helpful.  It gave me lots of different, new healthy ways to deal with things that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. It also showed me how to help others. It was very calming. I found it helpful with the breathing and movement exercises. Thank you for the experience.”


“Very pleasant. It made me feel very vulnerable at times, but helped me open up and be more honest with myself.”