For Educators

Animal-Assisted Learning Program

Our animal & equine assisted learning program is built on the foundation of healing partnerships between humans and animals (horses, dogs and bunnies). We provide a caring and supportive environment in the company of our animals compassionately meeting the “hearts” of our clients. Amigo, the canine, Twister and Star the horses as well as Ron, Potter, Artemis, Apollo and Renni, the bunnies, are members of our animal team.

The Naturally Nurtured Program teaches skills about personal wellness and healthy social/emotional interactions. Self-care techniques such as relaxation breathing and positive self-esteem activities are practiced and refined during the activities and interactions with the animals. Stories and crafts are also important tools used. The program is being brought into grade four classrooms as part of their Health Curriculum. Our program has also been taught in playschools, middle school and as well as individual sessions at Olds College.
Myself with the bunnies, as well as Amigo, do travel (depending on distance) to facilities. The equine program is located at Naturally Nurtured.

The program is delivered in one hour weekly sessions until the desired length of the program is finished. The Relaxation Unit is the foundational unit and is always taught first.

There are seven units within the Naturally Nurtured Program so that teachers are able to customized it to meet the needs of their students’. All units promote healthy self-care techniques through worksheets, crafts and the interaction with the animal. Techniques for relaxation, positive self-esteem and emotional awareness are just three of the seven units covered within this program, all teaching the children “tools” to practice and use on a daily basis.

This program can be modified for children from playschool age and up into adulthood.

We offer individual, group sessions and have been participating in schools for over 7 years.