What I can offer you!

  • Animal & Equine-Assisted Learning

    Our animal & equine assisted learning program is built on the foundation of  healing partnerships between humans, horses and bunnies.  We provide a caring and supportive environment in the company of our animals and blend CranioSacral Therapy compassionately meeting the “hearts” of our clients.

    The Naturally Nurtured Program teaches skills about personal wellness and healthy social/emotional interactions.  Self-care techniques such as relaxation breathing and positive self-esteem activities are practiced and refined during the activities and interactions with the animals.  Stories and crafts are also important tools used. The program is being brought into grade four classrooms as part of their Health Curriculum.
    The bunnies and I travel (depending on distance) to facilities.  The equine program is located at Naturally Nurtured.


    In the sacred space of our round pen, our horses offer their insight and presence to your Craniosacral therapy session. Techniques from the Naturally Nurtured program may be integrated through Equine-Assisted activities. Please note that all interactions with our horses are done from the ground through groundwork exercises.

  • CranioSacral Therapy/ SomatoEmotional Release

    CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle touch approach to allow the body to release tensions and relax for self-correction. By freeing the central nervous system to perform its best, CST naturally eliminates pain and stress, strengthens your resistance to disease, and enhances your health and well-being.

    SomatoEmotional Release is the expression of emotion that, for some reason the body’s nonconscious felt necessary to hold onto, become suppressed and isolated within the “soma”. Soma means the Somatic Psyche.  It is suggested that specific body parts and body tissues have the ability to retain the memories of experienced trauma. Supported in the company and presence of our animals, the S.E.R. process is initiated by hands-on communication or CranioSacral Therapy techniques.

  • Certified Reflexologist

    A wonderful way to relax, release stress and care for your body is through your feet!  In Reflexology, pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet, helping to increase blood circulation which encourages the body to release toxins and rebalance.

  • Ecosomatics (Craniosacral Therapy Session together with you & your pet)

    This is a joined CST co-facilitated session between you and your pet. The same principles of CST are honored and applied for you and your four-legged pet. We recognize that animals are sentient beings and together we have adventures and life experiences within the relationship with each other. CST can have a profound calming and rebalancing effect on the state of the animal’s nervous system as well as our own. Due to the unique circumstance of these sessions, booking an Ecosomatic session for you and your pet is dependent upon location and requires a phone conversation before booking.

  • Certified "Hoop Play" Instructor

    We bring the hoops to YOU!  Why hoop?  It’s super fun and oh so good for you at any age!  The benefits of hooping include low impact physical activity, creative play and expression and peace of mind. Ley-Anne is a certified AFLCA group fitness leader (Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association).

  • School Programming, Staff Retreats & Day Camps

    We have a variety of workshops available.
    The Reflexology Workshop is an introduction to learning about the health benefits of Reflexology as well as learning techniques that are able to be used within your family. Great for ALL ages!
    Naturally Nurtured partners with other organizations to offer specialized workshops.   Upcoming events are found on facebook.
    Day Camps are offered through out the summer and are based on the Naturally Nurtured Program with the animals.  These are very small and limited to three children over 6years old.
    You are also able to enjoy a “day camp” as a family to help everyone reconnect by get into nature, enjoying each other’s company with our animal team activities and crafts.
    Dates will be posted on facebook page depending on seasons. Family bookings are done on an individual basis. Please email for more info.

Ley-Anne & Her Team

Ley-Anne Mountain

Co-Founder / CEO

On the human side, Ley-Anne is a certified reflexologist and licenced body worker with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Hoopplay are all gentle modalities that allow her to co-facilitate with you in your healing process and support you as a whole person; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Ley-Anne graduated from Lakeland College with her Animal Health Technology Diploma. She has also completed multiple courses in animal-assisted therapy, many are firmly grounded in Dr. Neufeld’s Attachment Theory which revolves around the importance of healthy attachment relationships for children. Ley-Anne and Amigo, the dog, are a certified pet therapy team.




“Ron” Weasley & Harry “Potter”

“Ron” Weasley & Harry “Potter”





We offer individual, group sessions and have been participating in schools for over 7 years.